Life By Lauren: How To Commit To A Goal

Question: How do I commit to a goal?

Answer: Two things–establish your rituals and make it important. What are you doing on the daily to help you achieve your goals? Are you taking purposeful action steps to move you in the right direction? Is your morning routine setup for success? Whatever your goal is, think of someone within your industry and consider their daily routine. Does yours look similar? Mirroring your routine is a great way to help get you moving in the right direction. Still having trouble committing? Your goal may need more meaning and or importance.

A goal is just a goal unless it has some backing behind it. Give it a WHY. Why are you committing to this? Why do you want this? What will this do for you? Committing is about showing up when you’d rather not, getting up early, going to bed late, doing the small tasks you don’t want to all comes from a willingness to not give up because this goal matters. 

You’ve listed your whys and what you’ll receive by achieving his goal, but consider the opposite–what will happen if you don’t do it?  What will you miss out on? If you don’t commit to the goal, what will you be forced to do instead? Who else is your life would this impact if you quit? Making it about other people is also a great way to help keep you going. Imagine the ones that are counting on you, especially in your off moments. Do the hard stuff for them if you can’t find the willingness to do for yourself.

You can achieve and do anything you wish in life, half the battle is getting out of your own way. You can do this, just make the goal more important than your excuses. I had to throw in a little bit of tough love okay?!