A Weekend In Las Vegas

I’ve been to Vegas a handful of times and each getaway leaves me wanting more and requesting a 17 hour nap afterwards. Each experience is different depending on the company and the vibe of the trip. I went a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and we had fun eating, drinking, and pool partying our way down the strip. It was a last minute trip that ended up getting booked after a few cocktails were had and a good EDM song came on the boat radio…like all trips should start am I right?!

We landed Friday night, went straight to the liquor store and bought the essentials like vodka and chips and salsa and then got setup at the MGM! That night was then spent gambling (aka Gabe gambling and me benefiting from the free drinks) and finally trying Secret Pizza!! I attempted to come to SP three years ago but ended up arriving too late and finding out they were closing/all out of pizza :(. It’s ‘secret’ because there are no signs or directions to finding the place. If you want to stumble upon it innocently then skip the next few lines but for those who want the shortcut I’m happy to give it to ya. Located in the Cosmo, head to the 3rd floor. Find the hallway that’s lined with music records or just find the line of people waiting in a random long hallway and you’ve arrived! I waited probably around 35 minutes at 2:00 A.M. which I didn’t think was all that terrible. Pizza by the slice for about $7 and it was GOOD, can’t beat it! The anticipation also made it fun, but I’m a sucker for that type of stuff.SP3SP2

Saturday morning we woke up, made a few cocktails and then headed to Marquee Dayclub. The key to enjoying any Vegas day or night club is to get yourself a reliable promoter. It’s easy for girls to find their way into clubs and guzzle down free drinks all night but it’s tricky when you’re with guys! We used a reliable promoter from my hometown who made sure Gabe didn’t pay the ridiculous cover charges just to get in. Ladies drank free from 1:00 P.M. to 2 so I made two trips to the bar which lead to a free day of drinking at the pool! marquee

Marquee is located inside the Cosmo so we stammered through there and happily ate our faces off with Eggslut and more Secret Pizza. Eggslut is super popular in LA and is basically a bomb.com breakfast SAMMICH. Afterwards we headed to the Bellagio for more gambling and sight-seeing. The Bellagio is but a dream and their summer display was straight out of Italy! The fountains also never get old so I’m happy to stop and enjoy them every time I come 🙂

bellagio 6

bellagio 1bellagio 2bellagio 3bellagio 4bellagio 5

Sunday morning was spent at Wet Republic listening to one of my favorite DJs, Zedd. We swam and laid out at one of the other MGM pools before heading in since we knew it would be a bit of wait. The craziness at that pool never ceases to amaze me and oh how I love it. I would really just sincerely like to thank the Stoli peeps at Marquee Dayclub, this visor saved my skin at least 4 years of damage. **two snaps**

wet republicwet republic 2wet republic 4wet republic 3

Oh, and what I didn’t tell you about the start of our Sunday morning–we FaceTimed my cousin who lives in LA and convinced him to jump on a plane to Vegas for 16 hours :D. So after the pool we headed to change for dinner and wait for Nicky Bae! We ate, sat in the sports book, and then roamed the strip stopping in and out of hotels and gambling a little bit. I’ll forever be grateful for how much fun we had in such a short amount of time. nickynicky 2

We ended our night at Top Golf, something they’ve always wanted to try and I was open to it as well. I’m happy I snapped this picture because if you’ve never been it’s hard to describe, but it felt like I was in outer space with a kick ass view. I need to work on my golf game but I still had fun 🙂

top golf

Our last day consisted of brunch and enjoying the MGM’s lazy river. We swam, floated, and tanned for a few hours and then decided to explore the other end of the strip with the time we had left. The Wynn is BEAUTIFUL. My cousin highly recommend the bar at Lake of Dreams so we headed there for our final cocktail of the trip. I was very confused which bar was which since there were no signs, but it turns out the Lake of Dreams is visible from a few restaurants such as the Lakeside restaurant, SW steakhouse or the Parasol Down patio which is where we sat. Apparently starting at 6:00 P.M. they have performances that repeat every half hour until 11:00. I personally didn’t even get to see one of those and I was still in love. The vibes were beyond on point, from the patio to the inside bar. It will be one of my first stops when I go back. I snapped a pic from the second floor to help you understand the magnificence because it was hard to capture up close!

wynnwynn 2wynn 3wynn3wynn4

And like any good west coast trip, we ended it with some In N Out for our last meal of the day. Always get the animal sauce, whether on your burger, on your fries or on the side. I also went with protein style (lettuce wrap) because we had one final stop to make after this 😉 in n out .jpgP.S. you used to have to uber to the nearest In N Out and now there’s one near the Flamingo! They added a whole new strip of bars and restaurants perpendicular to the strip. Our very final stop before swooping our bags was checking out Milk in the Cosmo. I had watched a documentary on this woman a few months back and was super inspired by her story and curious of this ice cream that tasted like your leftover cereal milk…. aka holy YUM. We added cornflakes on top for that extra crunch and ordered a side of Crack Pie as well since that’s also what put her on the map! After that I pouted in the airport and boarded my redeye home to Cleveland! in n out 2.jpg

I freaking love Vegas, you get so much in one city that it’s hard not to appreciate its grandeur. Already looking forward to my next trip! I hope you enjoyed this post my friends! If you’ve been to Vegas, feel free to drop some comments below of your Vegas favorites 🙂

Until next time!


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  1. Amy Urso says:

    You know i had to drop in and read this one 😁 it’s always hard to jam everything into one trip but it sounds like you did a damn good job! I’ll be trying secret pizza and milk on my next trip. Love it Lo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. itsacupoflo says:

      Awww hey boo! Yes, both are a must!! What’s your must do when you’re there?


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