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Life By Lauren: How To Increase Your Confidence.

Question: HOW DO I BUILD C O N F I D E N C E?

A question that is applicable to everyday life and just about every situation, from work, to school, to relationships, to dating. Here are my 7 tips to help build a more confident version of yourself.

  1. See yourself as the person you want to become. Visualize this ish..DAILY. What does a confident person like to you? Be that person in your mind.
  2. Break down what you find yourself most insecure about. What is it about this situation that feels hard or intimidating? See yourself owning the situation and carrying yourself like someone you admire.
  3. Use words of affirmation. Lots of words, freaking sentences. Say positive things about yourself and believe them. You are capable of becoming A N Y T H I N G you want to be, confident being one of them.
  4. Write down what you feel you excel at and be the alien–what do other people watching you think you’re good at even if you’re just faking it!?
  5. Realize that we all have something we’re unsure of doing, not the best at, and NO ONE is perfect.
  6. Confidence is not only how we perceive ourselves but also how we think others perceive us. A question that I’ve found to be very helpful in some pretty uncomfortable situations–what does it really matter? Lauren, WTF are you talking about? No for real, what does it really matter what people think of me? What does it matter if they don’t agree with my viewpoints, if they don’t like how I dress, how I live my life, my daily decisions etc etc. The world isn’t going to end. You won’t die. Your self worth isn’t dependent upon them. Period.
  7. Love yourself. Love what you’re good at it and what you’re not so good at it. There isn’t a soul like you and that is your superpower.

Try these out and let me know what you think! Keep in mind it takes time to build confidence so don’t get frustrated! Work on the mindset daily and the way you carry yourself and handle situations will follow!

Cheers to a more confident, happier, sexier you.