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How To Make Celery Juice Using A Vitamix

Celery juice, the miracle liquid that has multiple benefits and crazy healing properties–at least that’s what they say right?! Well I’m a believer and sometimes I think that’s half the battle! From what I’ve seen in the research, celery juice helps heal skin issues, anxiety, gut irregularities, chronic illnesses and so on. I started juicing in January when my friend Alyssa thankfully brought it into my circle of awareness. It’s simple and not overly time consuming, so let’s get to it shall we?

I make all of my celery juice using a Vitamix and a nut milk bag. My other friend Alex suggested this exact bag and I’ve liked it thus far! I bought it off amazon because immediate gratification is everything is it not?

Step 1. : Wash and Rinse

Typically one bundle of celery will make about 16 ounces of celery, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. Wash and rinse to remove any chemicals or soil that may be left on the celery.

Step 2: Cut off the Bottom and Chop

I’m talking about the white section at the bottom of the bundle. Give that guy a nice slice and say cya later because that will not be going in our celery cocktail. Once that is removed, chop the celery into small pieces. You will be using only celery to make this, so no water or ice needed for those wondering ;).

End of the celery removed after washing.

Step 3: Slowly Add Celery to the Vitamix

Once all of the celery is chopped, slowly begin adding the celery to the Vitamix. I pop the lid on, remove the plastic piece on top, keep it on low to medium while slowly add the celery while blending. I also use the tamper throughout to help push the celery towards the blades. Keep gradually adding more celery to the mix until finished and then crank up the speed to finalize the process.

Slowly adding in the celery to the Vitamix.
Gradually adding in celery and using the tamper to push closer to the blades.
What the celery will look like before straining.

Step 4: Strain the juice

I take a big bowl, place my nut milk bag in the bowl and dump the pulp right into the bag. From there you’ll just knead the bag until all of the juice has been extracted! Once you’ve sucked the life out it, pour into mason jars and store for the days ahead!

Add the celery to the nut milk bag. P.S. some of the liquid will naturally come out on it’s own!
After squeezing and kneading the bag!

There you have it, simple and to the point! It’s recommended to consume about 16 ounces on an empty stomach so drink it in the A.M. before eating anything else! Cheers to you on your next juicing adventure!

The finished product stored in an airtight container.




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