Life By Lauren: How To Establish A Routine

Question: How do you build a routine?

Answer: Step by step and day by day of course!

Each niche, whether it’s health, fitness, meditation, skin care etc. thrives off of routines. Why? Because doing something consistently produces the best results! Routines are essentially comprised of our daily habits, so in order to build a successful routine we need to narrow down what it is we need to do consistently.

Here are my tips on setting up a successful routine!

  1. Know your why! WHY are you getting out of bed? Is it just to go to the gym or is it to be healthier? Lose weight to feel more comfortable? To train for a race or a competition?
  2. Setup the environment. Have everything already out and accessible. Makes it easier and gives you a visual reminder. If cleaning up your diet is part of the goal then get toss the temptation in the house! Set yourself up for success!
  3. Have a check list. Maybe in addition to going to the gym you also need to take your  supplements or you need to remember the correct order of your AM skincare routine.
  4. Don’t overthink it. Your mind will talk you out of doing something within 5 seconds. F I V E. Mel Robbins advice? Countdown from 5 and by time you get to 1 you better be up and moving! You’re basically a rocket ship ready for takeoff (:  Do what you said you were going to do when it was easy!
  5. Don’t overcomplicate it. If you feel overwhelmed from the get-go you might stop before you start. Make it manageable. Maybe replace one to two meals a day with something healthy to start off or attempt that extensive skin care routine only a few times a week instead of everyday!

You’ve got this and you’ll know it when you start to get into a good groove. It does take time and discipline, but with consistent effort you will get there. Oh and P.S. if you fall off, you can always get back on (:

Good luck my friends and until next time,


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