24 hours in Iceland was what we had to work with and we certainly made the most of it! We went in mid October where the weather was about 45 degrees with sunny/cloudy/rainy skies, which is very typical of Icelandic weather because it is known to change on the spot!

Transportation: We rented a car for the day! Figured it was the best and easiest way to see the sights.

TIP: Book a reservation ahead of time!

iceland 3


iceland 12


We stayed at a B&B for the first time found on, it was called Eddas Farmhouse. She was easy to communicate with and very welcoming. It included breakfast in the morning to which she prepared. A great bang for our buck and very centrally located.



Since we only had about 5-6 hours to see the sights before our Blue Lagoon reservation, we mapped out our must see waterfalls. We took the southern route and drove to Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss–two of the main attractions (or from what I gathered at least!) We drove to Skogafoss first since he was the farthest of the 2 and then hit Seljalandsfoss on our way back. Both were fascinating but Seljalandsfoss was my personal favorite. You can do a small climb and snag a view of this beauty from behind!

TIP: After you take your pictures, your videos, your epic selfies–stop and truly enjoy the moment! This is literally just NATURE, totally mind blowing if I do say so myself. Oh, and it get’s even colder the closer you get to the falls so dress appropriately!

Skogafoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall



selj 3

Aside from the waterfalls, I had been given a recommendation to stop and pet the wild horses if I came across any on the drive. To my luck, these three beauties were near the fence on our way back to town. I approached with caution and made my attempts gentle and slow, which seemed to be the move. They were so unbelievably sweet and calm. Their beauty and innocence was unmatchable and interestingly enough this became one of my happiest moments of the day!

horses 1

Blue Lagoon:

We booked our appointment package ahead of time which I believe is a must. A lot of people suggested early morning but we did it around sunset after a full day of exploring and loved it. We bought the comfort package which included a towel, a cocktail and a silica facemask for around $70 and it was totally worth it. The Blue Lagoon is a must. The water is unreal in terms of warmth, color, texture and health benefits! I wish I could soak in this beauty everyday and once again, freaking NATURE.

TIP: The water is good for your skin but not your hair, so douse some conditioner on those locks if you plan on going under! They have complimentary conditioner in the showers if you choose to do so (:  Also, bring a waterproof bag for your phone. You’ll absolutely want pictures but won’t wanna worry about carrying it around when you’re done!


bl 2

bl 3

iceland 13




I had heard how pricey Iceland was especially for dining out. We packed protein bars and had an included breakfast at our B&B so we only had to purchase one meal. **I’m not opposed to spending money on food but when I come to a city to see the sights vs the food scene I’m trying to get the most bang for my buck ya feel?** After a long days worth of activities we drove from the Blue Lagoon to Reykjavík for dinner. We were both in the mood for burgers, and I found many recommendations to try this place called Vitaburger. It was located in the center of town but with a dive bar feel and very friendly staff (don’t be intimidated by the outside appearance). We ordered two full meals and one beer for $32 and apparently tipping is not a thing. The burgers were GOOD, thinner than normal but very well seasoned and the fries were spot on. I highly recommend if you’re looking for simple and delicious food in a cozy small space!

Northern Lights:

We parked at the Grotta Lighthouse, a well-known spot for Northern lights watching, and staked out for about 2 hours to wait for their highly anticipated arrival. Although the aurora forecast called for moderate visibility, I guess it was still too cloudy so no lights were spotted. I was bummed but knew I only had one chance to spot these beauties so overall I couldn’t be too upset with the probability gods!

Iceland had been on my list for awhile and I was so happy to have experienced it. Although I didn’t see everything it had to offer, I felt as though I gained a good grasp of the land and saw a decent amount of the main attractions. I would go back but probably not anytime soon, and that’s mainly because I felt very content with our trip and also have a lot of other places I need to see! If you’re on the fence for Iceland, do it. It’s a one time must for sure 🙂

Till our next adventure!


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