Life By Lauren: Lifestyle or Death Sentence? The Struggles of Dieting.

Question: How do you manage setbacks while dieting?

The more expanded version of this question relates to being consistent and then going straight off the deep end with eating. Any type of diet will have it’s struggles and in order to make progress you will have to say no more than yes, but if you’re feeling totally restricted and miserable in what you’re doing then you may need to reevaluate. Wow, I’m dropping some real original thoughts here aren’t I..BUT FOR REAL!

Think of it like this—the whole point of dieting is to feel good about yourself in order for you to enjoy your life, but if we spend ALL of our time dieting we then miss out on life! Take it from someone who’s been as lean as a bean–very cool and exciting, but I didn’t have the daily experiences I would’ve preferred with the people I cared about. It’s about finding a middle ground and realizing that this isn’t just a momentary fad. I’ve found great motivation in short term goals like birthdays, vacations, parties etc., but it’s important to remember we still want to feel good once the celebration has passed! Life is everyday, not just in the grand moments.

Try looking at it like this–You’re going to eat well most of the time, but you also plan on enjoying yourself. Sometimes those moments last longer than expected….but that’s life. Literally and thank God because how boring would it be without them? Try getting back on the bandwagon with a lifestyle mentality vs. a life of total restriction. Completely removing foods forever and always really just freaks me the F out, so I keep them stored away for a later date knowing the option is mine. Keeping health at the forefront of your thoughts vs. just aesthetics will also help with the daily decision making process.

It’s a journey. Sometimes that journey is enjoyable and sometimes it’s way harder than expected. All moments pass, even the bad ones. Keep going, you’ve got this.

Till next time friends!