Life By Lauren: When To Call It Quits

Q U E S T I O N: When do you call it quits on someone not putting in equal effort?

Relationships can be tough due to the very simple fact that you’re dealing and interacting with an uncontrollable source. People cannot be forced to do anything–change, communicate, love, chase etc; therefore, this is a question that really deals with you and is going to take some hardcore introspection. Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions: Are you explaining yourself thoroughly? Not operating on assumptions? Are you verbalizing your expectations? Are you asking your partner good questions? Trying to see the situation from their point of view?

If you’ve said your piece, done your soul searching, asked them to communicate with you and you feel like nothing more can be done and or said–then it comes down to what you’re willing to tolerate. What are you standards for a relationship and for yourself?  We all hit a threshold where the pain of staying in a situation becomes way greater than the pain of change, therefore, forcing us to make some uncomfortable decisions. What does your gut say? If you zoomed out and looked at the situation as an unbiased source what advice would you give yourself?

Being open, honest and vulnerable helps people progress, sometimes bringing them closer together other times sending them on their separate ways.  Either way, relationships are a continuous work in progress. It takes good communication and an understanding of needs, wants and expectations. Never leave anything unsaid!

Until next time friends,