A Cup of Lo, please.

Well, it only took me long enough…three months to be exact. I talked about it, thought about it, overthought about it, and then ignored it, but here we are, finally actually writing it. So, allow me to introduce myself my name is Lo, OH, H to the…. oh no…….trust me, there’s a reason I’m the super fan at the karaoke bar and not the lead singer of the band, so I’ll stop the song right there.

The name ‘Cup of Lo’ started about 3 years ago when I began my first bikini prep. I was visiting my cousin Nicky in Los Angeles, sitting at Joan’s on Third, a trendy coffee shop in the West Hollywood area. Now that I look back, he was probably sitting there staring at me thinking, is this all we’re going to be able to do for the next 4 days you chicken eating, rice weighing, black coffee loving, fit chick? Ummmm, yea?! A few minutes into our morning conversation, a #CupofLo was alive and kicking. Unfortunately, it died harder than my diet around the holidays, so I figured it was only appropriate that I bring it back around (like any good trend, right?).


A Cup of Lo is my coffee talk with all of y’all, because ALL good convos happen at coffee shops, right? Wrong, but you get the point. It is meant to share my perspectives, my view points, my life tips and tricks, and everything in between. Let’s be honest, I’m basically taking the ‘too long for Instagram’ captions and moving them here–@lonanni if you were curious (it’s 2016 people, don’t act like you’re surprised with the shameless social media plug).

It’s a confusing world out there and I think sometimes we tend to make it more complicated than it has to be. We will break it down, talk through it, laugh at it, and then forget everything we learned and restart on Monday. Sound like a plan? Perfect, glad you agree. Time to figure this life out one cup of coffee at a time.